Shrine of The Bab, Haifa Israel


  The Sault Ste. Marie Bahá'i community offer children's classes open to all!   These classes focus on giving children a spiritual and moral education, developing their spiritual capacities thought the arts, games, stories and sharing of lifes experiences.

  Bahá'i children classes are carried out without using any methods that are of a indoctrination nature. Even though children are instucted in the principals, teaching and basic beliefs of the Bahá'i Faith, the emphasis is on learning to think for themselves, to reflect and apply spiritual laws to their lives. The children learn what a great impact they can have on the lives of their family and society by their adherence to spiritual and moral principals.

  Especially during the early years of childhood, great attention is given to understanding and developing virtues and habits that lead to a happy and health life.

  The desire to avoid indoctrination or catechism should not, however, lead to laxity in religious instruction. Doctrines that have disregarded religious education for children and have left then to aquire their own standards and beliefs, supposedly by free choice, from their interactions with society, have greatly contributed to the present state of moral disintegration. The proponents of these doctrines do not seem to appreciate the fact that there are political, economic and cultural interests in society which aggressively promote their own desired patterns of thought and behavior. But even if this were not so, there is no reason to suppose that a new generation of children will be able to create a better world without an education which is basically spiritual. Humanity, left to its own devices without divine guidance, has produced nothing more than chaos, injustice and suffering.

For more information or to register your child in classes call us at: 256-1497 or 253-1878; or e-mail us at: