Special Days not specificly designated as Holy Days

Nine-Pointed Star

Ayyami-Ha Festival Begins

Begins at on February 26th and ends on sunset March 1st

  Let the days in excess of the months be placed before the month of fasting. We have ordained that these, amid all nights and days, shall be the manifestations of the letter Há, and thus they have not been bounded by the limits of the year and its months. It behoveth the people of Bahá, throughout these days, to provide good cheer for themselves, their kindred and, beyond them, the poor and needy, and with joy and exultation to hail and glorify their Lord, to sing His praise and magnify His Name; and when they end—these days of giving that precede the season of restraint—let them enter upon the Fast. Thus hath it been ordained by Him Who is the Lord of all mankind.


The (Ayyami-Ha) intercalary days begin at sunset on February 25 and end at sunset on March 1

The Bahá'í Fast

Begins at sunset on March 2th and ends on sunset March 20st

We have commanded you to pray and fast from the beginning of maturity; this is ordained by God, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers. He hath exempted from this those who are weak from illness or age, as a bounty from His Presence, and He is the Forgiving, the Generous.