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  Welcome to the information page for the public events happening in Sault Ste. Marie.  Listed below are the months in which events are taking place. Some special days maybe listed in a month that may not have an event listed, but is intended to be a reminder of the significances of a certain that particular day. Feel free to contact us if you wish to attend or want clarification on the details of any event. You may contact us at: 253-1878 or 256-1497; or e-mail us at:

Click on the month below to get information on the events of that month:
  • January:  Events in the month of January
  • February:  Events in the month of February
  • March:  Events in March
  • April:  Events in April
  • May:  Events in May
  • June:  Events in June
  • July:  Events in July
  • August:  Events in August
  • September:  Events in September
  • October:  Events in October
  • November:  Events in November
  • December:  Events in the month of December