Baha'i Perspectives

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  Welcome to the perspective index page!  Here you will find a general topics list that will link to an answer to the topic or another page that will link to various subject of interest under that topic.

  These explanation come mostly from the writings of Abdúl-Bahá or from Shoghi Effendi the Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith. Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions or advice which would clarify this infomation better

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  • Who are the Bahá'í's:  The Bahá'í's
  • We are Spiritual Beings:  Spiritual Nature of Man
  • Religious Prejudices:  A Basic teaching of Bahá'u'lláh
  • Unity in Diversity:  Beauty and Harmony in Diversity
  • Holy Spirit:  The Intermediary power between God and man
  • True Thought:  Depend upon its Manifestation in Action
  • Consultation:  Vital Importance of Consultation
  • Outward Forms And Symbols:  Convey Intellectual Conceptions
  • The Clouds:  That Obscure the Sun of Truth
  • The True Meaning:  Of Baptism by Water and Fire
  • The Greatness of Christ:  Due to His Perfections
  • The Trinity:  What is the meaning of Three Person in One?
  • The Second Coming of Christ:  And the Day of Judgement
  •       --OTHER SUBJECTS--
  • Nature is Govern By:  One Universal Law
  • Proofs and Evidences of:  The Existence of God